Recognized IP Experts

1790’s recognized IP experts, combined with our advanced data mining tools and techniques, enable us to provide our clients with solutions that are objective and consistent, while being customized to their unique needs.

Comprehensive IP Services

1790 Analytics is a renowned leader in IP Analytics. Our Services address a wide range of issues related to intellectual property evaluation, including technology assessment and licensing support, M&A and investment due diligence, and science and technology forecasting.


1790 works with many large and mid-size companies, plus large law firms. We help our clients to capitalize upon their own intellectual property holdings, and to understand and evaluate the intellectual property owned by competitors and potential acquisition targets. Our services include: technology evaluation and benchmarking; technology forecasting and landscaping; intellectual property licensing; and M&A targeting and due diligence.


1790’s partners are at the forefront of research into the links between intellectual property and financial performance, and have invented patents and written papers on the subject. We have worked with many institutional investors, venture capital companies, private equity firms and hedge funds. Our research provides vital insights into the technological strengths and weaknesses of our clients’ investment targets.


1790 has worked with many different government agencies and non-profit organizations (see Clients page). Our projects for these clients span a wide range of topics. Examples include forecasting future technology developments; assessing the impact of government funding programs on current technology developments; evaluating and benchmarking regional innovations; and tracking the contribution of small companies to emerging technologies.


1790 maintains constantly updated, value-added patent databases, including our Corporate Tree and proprietary metrics (see Data Resources page). These databases, and custom extractions from them, are available to corporate, investment and government/non-profit clients.


1790 works with many large corporate, legal, investment and government/non-profit organizations. Our corporate, legal and investment clients are not published for confidentiality reasons. Our government and non-profit clients include:

Data Resources

1790 has developed an extensive range of proprietary databases, tools and techniques designed specifically for IP analytics. Our proprietary data resources include:

Databases – 1790 maintains extensive value-added patent databases. These databases contain all US patents from 1969 through the present, and all European Patent Office (EPO) and World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) patents from inception (1978) through the present. The databases have many unique features designed for application of our advanced data mining and machine learning tools.

Corporate Tree – One of the key features of 1790’s databases is a corporate thesaurus that maps all subsidiary and variant names to the corresponding parent organizations. This Corporate Tree contains the 6,000+ leading patenting organizations worldwide. It is believed to be the largest patent thesaurus in existence, with more than 100,000 variant and subsidiary names mapped to these 6,000+ entities. The Corporate Tree is available for license by third parties.

Innovation Metrics – 1790’s databases contain objective, quantitative metrics for measuring many different dimensions of innovation. These metrics are normalized by technology, and are updated continually as new patents are issued. They also form the basis for the annual Patent Power Scorecards published by IEEE Spectrum.

Emerging Clusters Model – 1790’s Emerging Clusters Model locates interesting emerging technologies in close to real time. The model is technology agnostic, and identifies emerging technologies across hi-tech, life science, mechanical and chemical industries. The model has been validated and utilized by numerous government agencies, including DOD, IARPA, DTRA and NIST. A description of the Technology Watch/Horizon Scanning framework developed by 1790 for DOD can be found here:

Data Mining/Networking Tools – 1790 employs advanced text mining techniques to locate and evaluate patents relevant to selected technologies. These techniques draw upon the latest developments in machine learning and data mining. 1790 also utilizes advanced networking tools to connect patents, and locate licensing targets for these patents. These networking tools allow us to discover unexpected linkages between technologies, and to identify interesting patents that use non-standard terminologies.

Multi-Source Fusion – Key information on technology developments can be extracted from many different sources. 1790 has thus developed tools to link patents with other data sources, including social media, scientific papers and grey literature. These tools enable us to generate comprehensive technology assessments, drawing on information from sources as diverse as patents, scientific papers, Twitter and blogs.


Anthony Breitzman, Ph.D.Founding Partner
Tony Breitzman co-founded 1790 Analytics in 2004. He has worked extensively with Fortune 500 companies, designing data mining solutions to evaluate and forecast technological developments. He has also developed analytical tools for numerous government agencies, directed to a wide range of science and technology policy issues.

Tony is recognized worldwide as a data mining expert and respected thought leader in IP analytics. He has published numerous scholarly articles on intellectual property management, technology assessment and research evaluation. He is invited to speak on intellectual property at leading conferences, and teaches advanced courses on data science and text analytics.

Prior to co-founding 1790 Analytics, Tony was Chief Technology Officer at CHI Research. He holds a B.S. in Mathematics from Richard Stockton College; an M.A. in Mathematics from Temple University; and an M.S. and Ph.D. in Computer Science from Drexel University.

Patrick Thomas, Ph.D.Founding Partner
Patrick Thomas co-founded 1790 Analytics in 2004. He has designed data mining solutions for large corporations and financial institutions, focused on many different technological and investment opportunities. He has also developed analytical tools to address a broad range of science and technology policy issues for various government agencies.

Patrick is one of the leading experts on data mining and IP analytics, and their use across a wide range of applications. He has published numerous scholarly articles on technology evaluation, science policy, and investment analysis, and is invited to speak on these subjects at conferences worldwide. He has also testified in federal court as an expert witness on IP analytics.

Prior to co-founding 1790 Analytics, Patrick was a Senior Analyst at CHI Research, before which he was an Assistant Professor in Quantitative Methods at Southampton Business School. He was educated in the UK, earning a B.S. in Management Science from the University of Manchester; an M.S. in Computer Science from the University of Birmingham; and a Ph.D. in Management Science and Statistics from Nottingham Trent University.

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