Government / Non-Profit

1790 works with a variety of government agencies and non-profit organizations. Our work for these clients spans science policy analysis; regional development policy; government funding impact studies; and innovation trend and forecasting analyses.

A number of our current government and non-profit projects are summarized below.

Project: Department of Commerce (DOC)

1790 is working with DOC in an effort to develop metrics for identifying emerging, high-risk, high-impact, cutting edge technologies through prospective metrics. Citation analysis has been successfully used to identify high-impact technologies, but it is largely a retrospective method – that is, the client must study older technologies or let time pass for citations to accumulate. The emerging cluster project uses metrics that are applied to recent patents to identify emerging technologies that are being developed today.

Project: Department of Energy (DOE)

1790 is working with DOE to trace the impact of DOE funding upon the development of cutting-edge new technologies. We have demonstrated the links between DOE funded science and important innovations produced in almost half of the congressional districts in the United States. We have also highlighted technologies where DOE influence has been particularly strong, and where developments may have been significantly delayed without the contribution of DOE funding.

Project: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)

The IEEE commissioned 1790 to investigate the role of scientific literature in Information Technology (IT) development. By analyzing several areas of IT including Telecommunications, Semiconductor Manufacturing, Computer Hardware and Software amongst others, we found that these technologies build extensively upon scientific articles written in scholarly journals. Moreover, we found that a large number of the articles referenced in IT patents come from IEEE journals.