• Corporate / Legal

    1790 works with Fortune 500 companies in technology evaluation, intellectual property licensing, and M&A targeting and due diligence. We help our clients capitalize upon their intellectual property holdings, and understand and evaluate the intellectual property owned by their competitors. Since most of our work is custom, it is best described by a sample of our previous projects (client names

  • Finance / Investment

    1790's principals are at the forefront of research into the links between intellectual property and financial performance. They have authored numerous peer-reviewed publications on the subject, and are the inventors of two breakthrough patents linking intellectual property and stock market performance. Building on this research, we have worked with a variety of investment institutions, helping

  • Government / Non-Profit

    1790 works with a variety of government agencies and non-profit organizations. Our work for these clients spans science policy analysis; regional development policy; government funding impact studies; and innovation trend and forecasting analyses. A number of our current government and non-profit projects are summarized below.

    Project: Department of Commerce (DOC)

    1790 is working

  • Data Services

    1790 maintains constantly updated, value-added patent databases, and offers custom extractions from these databases to corporate, investment and government/non-profit clients.